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It all started with a soda cart.

End of the 19th century - Giovanni Mazza :  is equipped to quench the thirst and refresh the drinkers who went to the source of sulphurous water at the foot of Monte. It was mainly aimed at the treatment of the digestive system, biliary tract and kidneys, thanks to the therapeutic action of the special lightness. Given the good turnout of visitors to the source, Giovanni began to buy the land where the source was, but he also understood that people were pleased to combine the profit with a nice picnic with the family, eat something or drink a good bottle of wine, so it was that in the following years he built the establishment with accommodation and stallazzo . 

Early 1900s - Giuseppe Mazza : his resourcefulness thought of creating a brand, and in 1930 mineral water for export was born; Sulfur water was bottled at the Fonti and distributed by carts and lorries to the province of Turin. Giuseppe built the current hotel building which was used not only to stay but also to follow the thermal therapies . 

First half of the 20th century - Tranquillo Mazza : during the Second World War the Sources were invaded by displaced people, but also by the Germans who took away the water bottling plants, causing serious damage. In the following years he renewed the structure by adding the tennis court, skeet shooting and the famous dancing.

Second half of the 1900s - Giuseppe Mazza : his great intuition was to focus on people's desire to escape. Thus it was that, together with his wife Anita,  volle build a restaurant that offered traditional dishes. In 1968 they inaugurated  the swimming pool that would be the first in the entire province and then the campsite. In addition, their great passion for travel and for nature li  led to the creation of the zoo.

Today - Daniela and Laura Mazza : together with their mother Anita they cultivate with love the project handed down for five generations . 

Where we are

Just 5 km from Valenza, 15 km from Alessandria and 20 km from Casale Monferrato. 

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